Office Carpet

Friday, August 28, 2015

 We have finally replaced the last of the blue carpet that was in our house when we first moved in.  If I am correct, the blue carpet was about 20 years old.  It was really gross.  The office in the attic was the last room to be replaced.  I'm not quite sure why it took us so long to make it happen, but now that it has been replaced, it feels like a completely different room.

Here it was before:

 We decided to do some rearranging of the room to make it more spacious.  While we were rearranging, Silas was content to hang out in his pack-n-play (so long as we were both in his line of vision)

These are some shots of the room afterward.  Much more light and less gross.  We still have some cable management to take care of, so we keep a baby gate in the doorway to keep Silas out of the room.  But I am 110% happier with this room now.

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