Our trip to Indiana and Kentucky. And then back home.

Monday, August 03, 2015

I am done traveling for the year.  (or am I?)  I say that every single time I return home from a trip.  It doesn't matter where or for how long.  I get home and I'm exhausted.  (Can I possibly start another sentence with the letter "I"?)

Last week was no different.  Wedding in Indiana for me.  Army stuff in Kentucky for Rob.  Rob left in the middle of the week and I left the next day with Silas.  I planned to drive at night while Silas slept the entire way.  That way he wouldn't get bored, hungry, upset, etc etc.  You know that phrase "Fail to plan, plan to fail"?  Well.....it's VERY misleading.  Because I plan.  Almost always.  And more often than not, that so called "plan" doesn't turn out the way it's supposed to.

FOR EXAMPLE.  I popped Silas into his carseat and we headed off to Indiana at 6pm.  Three hours later we found ourselves in STAND still traffic for an hour and a half.  No idea where I was.  GPS kept taking me back to the backed up traffic.  I ended up getting a hotel room for way too much money and no continental breakfast.   Don't make plans.  Ever.

Sooo anyyywayyy.  We did eventually make it to Indiana and I did eventually participate in a wedding and witness the Indiana cornfields in the sunset and take my son to Purdue University (Boiler Up!)

And then it was time to travel to Kentucky (after some inner debate) to visit the Mr. Pribs at his unit (which I'd never seen before).   Highlight of the visit?  Seeing the plane that Mr. Pribs flies.  What 8 month old gets to sit in the co-pilot seat of the plane that his dad flies?   My 8 month old.

We also played with light and shadows in a hotel room. (Super exciting)

And took selfies in the hotel mirrors (party animalllssss)

After a couple of days in KY, we said "Sayonara!" and hopped back on the road for our final long trip back home.  We haven't been in a car since then. (just kidding)

But in all reality, traveling really does mess up life when you have a baby.  The day after we got back from traveling was ridiculous.  All Silas wanted was to be held.  And then the next day he was fine....like, "Ma, leave me alone, I'm playing here"   Ridiculous.

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