Our weekend

Monday, August 31, 2015

Did the weekend really pass by that quickly?  Ours flew by, that's for sure.  Mr. Prib's grandparents came into town for a quick visit.  They arrive Saturday a little after lunch time and left just late this morning.

Their visits are always welcomed.

We enjoyed having them over for the afternoon to visit on Saturday and then again for dinner that night.  On Sunday our church held a picnic at a local park for all of the volunteers (which means both Mr. Pribs and I were invited) and so we brought Nee Nee and Pop Pop along for the ride.  It was a beautiful day so we spent most of our time on a shaded grassy hill overlooking the park talking and watching Silas explore in the grass.

That afternoon several of us took naps and then that evening Nee Nee and Pop Pop babysat Silas while Rob and I headed out for a short evening together.

This morning Nee Nee and Pop Pop stopped by on their way home.  Just a quick visit.

And now we go back to work and try to remember what day it is.

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