Silas at 9 months

Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy 9 Months to Silas!

People ask how old he is and I keep telling them that he's 8 and a 1/2 months, because surely he's not 9 months already?

We lowered the crib (actually I did the day I got back from Kentucky).  Lowering a crib when you're the only one home with a crawling baby who has separation anxiety is not my favorite thing in the world to do.  It tops my list of "Things I don't want to do ever again"  Nonetheless, it's done and Silas won't be toppling out of his crib anytime soon.  I did see him raising a knee to try to go up the stairs earlier today though, so maybe that mean he'll start figuring out a way to escape from his crib?

Eh...when it happens, we'll address it.

Yesterday was a monumental day for Silas.  I found him playing in Cooper's water bowl in the morning.  Very ironic since he has hated all types of interaction with water that we've tried to introduce him to in the past.  But hey, if he's ready to play in a bowl of water, then he's ready for a full on bath.  Also I realized that it had been a couple of months since he'd last had a bath (don't worry, I shower everyday).

His fine motor skills are picking up.  For example, right now he's peeling paint off of the doorway jam between the office and the hallway.  That takes suuuper fine motor skills.  (And, yes, I'll touch that paint up later)

Playing with and crawling after Cooper is a new favorite thing of his to do.  He thinks it's hilarious when Cooper licks his feet/legs.  And even more hilarious when he manages to grab a fist full of fur and refuses to let go.

Licking his lips during mealtime is also a new favorite thing to do.  Yummy lasagna and green beans!

Silas is also starting to feel pretty heavy when I pick him up.  We have his 9 month appointment next week and I'm very curious to see how much he weighs.  I did upgrade his car seat this week because he started to look a little cramped in his keyfit 30 seat.

I guess it's just time to face the facts and admit that Silas is not a little baby anymore.  He's closer to 1 year than he is to 3 months.

:::cue the crying:::

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