Silas' Favorite Books

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

At 8.5 months old Silas has a pretty short attention span.  I use the phrase "read a book to Silas" loosely.  He's much more concerned with catching a glimpse at the bright fun pictures and then quickly moving on to the next best thing.  Therefore, long sentences and huge story plots are not a good thing to consider right now.   Here are a few of Silas' favorite books right now.

First up is his taggy "Who Do You See" book

 Silas' favorite thing about this book is the little mirror on the front where he can catch a glimpse of his cute smile, which in turn only makes him smile more.  Each page of the book has a picture of an animal on it.  It's very soft and has multiple tags to play with.

Next favorite is our "Peek-a-Boo Forest" book.  This was given to us for Christmas when Silas was one month old.  He started interacting with the book at around 4 months of age.  Each page has a crinkly flap on it that covers a picture of an animal.  Essentially you play peek-a-boo with all of the animals.

At four months old Silas was just interested in playing with the crinkly flaps.  Now however, he loves it when you pull down the flaps really quick and say "peek-a-boo!  it's the.....!"

 This next book is a huge hit with Silas and is something he loves to play with during the day all by himself.  It's his "Rhyme & Discover Book"  I didn't quite understand what the big deal with this book was at first.  It was very confusing to me and I couldn't track what would happen and when.  None of that matters to Silas though.  As long as it's making sounds and flashing lights, then we're good to go.

Silas loves to smack the book and wait for something to go off.  Even when he has crawled away from it, the book will continue to make noises in hopes of catching his attention again (and many times, it does)

 This next book is relatively new to our collection and is called "I Love You Through and Through"  I found it at our local thrift store and immediately liked how short and simple it was.  Each page talks about one thing that is loved.  Very simple.

Our book collection is small right now, but we are slowly building it up.  I hope to have a much bigger collection of quality books when Silas is old enough to want to sit down and spend quality time with them himself.

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