taking a staycation

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last week we took our very first "staycation" as a family of three.  Originally (early July) we had planned to go out of town and visit family, but those plans quickly changed after we realized that we were getting burnt out from all of the traveling for weddings, work and life.  So we had the brilliant idea to just take a week off from work and stay home.  It turns out that this was the best idea of our life.

We didn't do anything too fancy.  We took a walk every morning with Silas in the stroller.  We visited a favorite coffee shop.  We visited an ice cream parlor in Pittsburgh.  We visited a state park downtown.  We explored nearby neighborhoods.  We worked on the landscaping in our front yard.  We painted (when do we let a week go by where we don't paint?)  We made it all about our family.  No plans....no schedules....nobody else.  Just us.

Also the weather last week was perfect in every way possible.  Sunny, but not too hot.

Silas loved the extra time with BOTH parents home all day.  He loves hanging out with his daddy and having rough and tumble playtime.

I wish every week was a staycation.

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