Activities to do with your 10 month old!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

There are two extremes I seem to hear from moms around me. Either you're SUPER busy and you don't have the time of day to get everything done while taking care of your baby. OR you've managed to get a routine down, but then you're left with a ton of time that can be spent with your baby & you have no idea what to do with them. There's only so much talking you can do with a baby that cant respond.

*I do talk to my son, but not at all hours of the day. Let's be honest.  They start to lose interest after 1 hour of listening to their mom gab on and on about WHO knows what.

So what IS there to do with a ten month old who is starting to gain some independence, but cant quiet yet walk on his own. These are a few of the things we do to keep busy:

Silas loves playing with his blocks. Last summer I was gifted a small basket of blocks from Robs grandmother. I kept these in the guestroom with the intent to use them when Silas was much older. I wasnt sure they were big enough to play with at such a young age and I was afraid that he would just put them all in his mouth. At 6 months of age, while trying to take his picture, I decided to break out a couple of blocks. He was fascinated with them. He would hold one in his hand and turn it over to examine every side. I eventually gave him the whole basket (which is a toy in and of itself). He easily entertains himself with just the blocks for a good 20 minutes. If I build a tower, he likes to knock it over. I am not sure how much longer we should let that go on....we dont want him to be the bully in preschool who knocks everyone's tall towers over.

This was something that I anticipated having to warm Silas up to. It would involve sitting in a rather large (uncomfortable) seat with your legs dangling and (many times) the bright sun in your eyes. Much to my surprise, he loved it the very first time. He literally just sits back in the bucket seat and watches everyone around him play while I push him in the swing. As long as he's fed and alert (AKA doesn't need a nap) he is content to swing for as long as you'll push him.

This is something we make a habit of doing every morning. Our walks, as mentioned before, typically involve more than just going around the block. We like to visit a nearby downtown strip and stop in a few shops and stores. I make an effort to look in the stroller and talk to Silas at every corner we stop at. I point out dogs that we pass, or I let him know that we're waiting to cross the street. He usually gives me a smile and continues to watch the world pass by.

Exploring Outside!
Once Silas was able to crawl, this became a whole knew activity for us. Silas LOVES to pick up leaves and examine them. Pull out the larger blades of grass and examine them. Hold up twigs and examine them. The world is his playground. We have gone to the park just to sit on the grass and let Silas explore around us. In between examining nature, he also likes to climb all over us and pull up on our shoulders if we're sitting up.

Errands, etc

I know moms who prefer to leave their grocery shopping and post office runs for when dad is home and can watch the baby. I couldn't be any more of the opposite. If we don't get outside of the house, then I start to get House-itis. Other than walks in the stroller, this is my go-to plan when Silas is fussy and won't nap. Pop him in the car and head out to the nearest grocery story. It doesn't matter if we're just window shopping. If baby is happy, momma is happy.

Grocery shopping! from Joy Pribish on Vimeo.

WHEW. That was long, I know, but I've been asked several times by other moms and friends what I do to keep the baby entertained. I am sure everyone's list is different. What do (or did) you do with your baby before they were old enough to walk around and stay occupied with toys on their own?

Bottom line, this is a super fun age. They're developing quickly and everything is new and interesting. Although babies are known for having short attention spans, its not hard to entertain them with something different just 5 feet away from what they were looking at previously.

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