Happy Friday!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Around here we're getting ready to sign off for the weekend and (hopefully) enjoy some quality fall weather.  

This past Thursday I attended a mom's group at our church where we watched a longer version of *this video* and talked about the idea of "being still"

Many of the moms shared a similar opinion in that when you have kids you either don't have time to "be still" or you're too exhausted to have quality "still" time.

I slightly disagree.  You have 24 hours in every day.  You choose how to spend each of those hours. 

Personally, I get distracted and I'm always anticipating the next thing to happen.  Will Silas nap long enough for me to have some time to myself?  Will someone text me and expect an immediate response?  Will that phone call I'm waiting on today happen when I put my phone on silent for this short period?

So this weekend, I'm going to set my phone down and not pick it up until Monday morning (note: I have done this before).  And I'm going to enjoy spending my time with my family and taking my pictures with an actual camera.

Have a good weekend!

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