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Friday, September 18, 2015

Why do high-school seniors all look like babies these days?  No, but seriously.

I had a Senior shoot a couple of days ago and a 5th grader showed up with his mom.  Upon introduction I said "Oh, sorry, I thought this was for a Senior, I typically don't do middle school pictures" and they were all like "He is a Senior....he's the captain of the Varsity football team"  "the WHAT?"

okay, i made that conversation up.  but not the thoughts.

Remember when thinking "Class of 2008" sounded weird?  Well welcome to "Class of 2016".

Gross.  How old are we??

But beyond that.  How do these kids even know how to pose?  I'm being SERIOUS.  I don't have to tell them AT ALL what to do.  With my last client I finally said "You totally googled 'Senior picture poses' before showing up tonight, didn't you?"  The smirk on his face in response to my question told me "YES, I DID.  AREN'T YOU PROUD OF ME?"

I'm happy to say that college students don't look too young yet.  I'm dreading that day.

*just wanted to display a few of my latest senior photos along with my thoughts.  thanks for sticking around.

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