Killing time on walks

Friday, September 04, 2015

I've mentioned before that on the days when Silas doesn't go to his sitter's house I like to go for a 2 mile walk with him in the stroller.  This is usually when he starts to get tired in the morning and needs to CHILL out while I get some much-needed exercise and time to think about LIFE.  Also, that morning sunlight is good for you.

I usually take the same route every day.  Creature of habit, I guess.

For the most part it isn't boring.  You always see people pass by, there's always someone working on something (roadwork, business construction, etc), cars are whizzing by on their way to work, and when you're walking with a baby, almost every pedestrian wants to stop you to say "Hi".

On the days I don't feel like talking, I usually bring along my headphones and plug it into my iPhone so I can listen to a podcast.  Lately it's either "The Dave Ramsey Show" or "Elise Gets Crafty".  

"The Dave Ramsey Show" always gets me motivated to save money and pay off our house.  More often than not, halfway through our walk I'll text Mr. Pribs and ask him "in how many years could we pay off the house if we saved $xxxx.xx amount of money per month" and then he does the math real quick and sends me back a number.  And then I continue my walk and keep listening to the podcast.

"Elise Gets Crafty" motivates me to work harder at my business and take pride in my work.  I've really struggled to find bloggers and friends in general who can relate to me on the level of being self-employed.  It's not very common for people my age and many bloggers who are self-employed are more interested in trying to push their product on their readers, rather than talk about what it means to be self-employed and ways we can improve our own little businesses.  This podcast touches on so many different aspects:  marketing, how to use Pinterest for your business, working ON your business and not just IN it, copyright laws, etc.  It's always something new and helpful.  It's produced by a one-woman show who interviews many other one-woman small businesses.

On the days that I don't feel like thinking about money or work, I usually stop at a coffee shop with Silas.  There's one at the half-way point on our walk.  They have an amazing strawberry Italian soda and killer banana bread.  I usually order one of each and share my banana bread with Silas.  I started visiting this place on our walks once Silas was able to eat finger foods.  I didn't think it would be much fun for us to stop here before then and just have him watch me eat.  That wouldn't be fair.  We typically kill about 30 minutes in the coffee shop....that's how long it takes us to drink our drink and eat our food.  And then once the food is gone, Silas is on a sugar-high and shouting at the top of his lungs, so we dispose of our trash and scoot on out of there before any of the other customers can complain about the "annoying baby".

One other place I like to stop is the local hardware store.  This is about a block from the coffee shop.  We are always needing something from a hardware store, so the fact that it's on our walk route is super convenient.  Our stroller has a nice basket underneath where Silas sits, so we can get away with buying some pretty sizeable things and just walking it home.  On the days that we don't need anything, we like to stop in there and buy Cooper a big dog bone. :)

Although our walking route is, for the most part, the same every day, these small things help give some variety to our morning routine.

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