Living in Pittsburgh: a little over a year later

Monday, September 21, 2015

In the past, whenever I've tried to envision where I would like to "settle" down with my family, the Pittsburgh life was never in that picture.

Mine looked more like:  warm(ish) weather all year long, beach nearby, lots of grass and space on my property, easy to drive around.

Pittsburgh has distinct seasons (which isn't bad at all), there are no beaches nearby, the lots are tiny and crammed in together (unless you have a million dollars and can afford to buy 5 more feet of land), and the traffic between the hours of 8a-10a and 3p-5p is something you definitely want to avoid.

We (I definitely) didn't move here for the "Pittsburgh" living.  We moved here knowing that we didn't have to stay here long term, but it would get us closer to family short-term, which is really important when you're about to start having kids and you're probably going to be seeing your family a lot more often.

Although Pittsburgh still isn't my favorite and I speak loosely of it when referring to the future, there are a few things that I do appreciate about the city. 

First of all, it's affordable.  It's more than reasonable for a young couple to buy a house and start their lives here.  And with the city and numerous businesses here, you can really launch a great career.

Second, although there are no beaches, there are plenty of rivers and look-out points, which offer a different type of scenery.  You won't find me lounging on a beach chair, but I will more than likely be admiring the city-scape from afar and taking pictures of the Allegheny river right in front of me.

Three....there is a lot of history in this place.  Everywhere you look there are pockets of tourism and interesting places to explore.  I've spoken with individuals who've grown up here and even they haven't seen all that there is to experience in Pittsburgh.  You can not get bored here.

Four, although you won't find much space on your property, Pittsburgh does have plenty of state parks to visit nearby to help quench your need for the great outdoors.

Five....regardless of where you live, you'll probably always be able to find something you don't like about the area.  That has been my experience living in Indiana, Alabama, California and (now) Pennsylvania.  Either I'm really picky or life in general just isn't perfect.

So will we be living here long term?  I don't know that answer.  But I do know that for now, we are living in a house that suits us well in a part of town that we feel comfortable in (for now).

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