Mother's Day Boston Ferns!

Friday, September 11, 2015

For Mother's Day this year Rob and Silas bought me two Boston Ferns to hang on our front porch.  I'd been wanting plants on our front porch for a while and it was one of those things where every time we came home (9 times out of 10 we park in front of the house) I would say, "I really want some plants to hang on our porch.  I think it would look good." but then you forget about it and when you're at the store it's not the right time or you're not in the right mood to pick plants out and pay for them -  it's all about the don't want to pick out plants that you weren't in the mood to pick.

Needless to say, I was super excited when Rob came home from work with these.  Even more convenient, there were already hooks on our porch (for christmas lights maybe?) so all we had to do was hang the ferns.

Within a week of us putting them up, TWO of my neighbors (older...very nice ladies) mentioned to me that I should consider hanging them about 12 inches lower.  The first neighbor said that having them hang lower would make it easier to water. The second neighbor said that if I didnt lower them, the heat from the roof would make them die.  Needless to say, I headed to the nearest Home Depot and found myself some chains for a pretty decent price. We had them hung that evening and they've been on those chains ever since.

I've noticed that neighbors on our same street also hang their Boston ferns on chains. I guess this is common knowledge that I somehow missed?

In the very beginning I was very disciplined with watering the ferns every day. I have been known to let plants die in the past. I could not let these die.  With the exception of a few vacations I took this year, I have watered them every other day, if not every day. Those days I was out of town did affect the plants and parts of them died...but it wasn't enough to kill the entire plant.

My conclusion?  If I can do this, anyone can. My only question is....what do I do with these two guys once the Pittsburgh Winter hits? I'm pretty sure they won't survive a snowfall or overnight frost. I'm thinking I'll have to rig up a temporary hanging system in our dining room for the winter-time. 

I'll keep you updated.

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  1. Love those ferns on your porch!
    Boston ferns can survive indoors if you bring them inside BEFORE the first frost. Before you bring them in, just shake them out a bit to remove dead leaves and other debris. Once inside, treat them like any indoor houseplant. Don't overwater - only water when the soil starts to feel dry. Maybe place the plants on some type of plant stands/stools with those plastic trays underneath the pots (to catch any water that might drip out from the bottom while watering). Our Boston fern would shed a lot of leaves while indoors which can be a bother. However, next year, once the threat of frost has passed, you can put them back out on your porch and enjoy them for another summer.
    Also, Boston ferns are safe (non-toxic) around pets and children.


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