Silas: 10 months old (!!!)

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

What do you MEAN my son is 10 months old?

Didn't he just pop out yesterday?  (cry face emoji)

When I had Silas, 9 months was as far as I could fathom.
I thought once we hit 9 months, that was it....we would have made it.  (what does that even mean?)

I can't keep up with this little dude.  He doesn't ever slow down.  One second he's sitting, the next he's pulling up on something, the next he's grabbing the tissues out of the kleenex box (true story), and then he's terrorizing the dog, and once he's bored of doing that he's trying to climb up the stairs, flipping off of the changing table, tearing his bib off, screaming baby jibberish, smiling so hard his face is exploding, knocking something (anything) over, and then...maybe....he slows down enough to take a (sometimes short) nap.

He loves to stand.  The other day he held Rob's hands and took several assisted steps toward him.  If I'm getting ready in the same room as Silas, he has to be holding on to my leg and standing facing me.  Always.

He does this thing now when he laughs, it's almost as if he laughs through his nose.  He makes a snuffling noise and scrunches his nose to make it all wrinkly and his eyes squinty.

He likes to crawl and laugh at the same time.  Really fast.  Really loud.

He enjoys looking out the front door and smearing hand prints all over the glass.

Foods are becoming more popular around the dinner table these days.  He likes to eye over what you're consuming and is willing to try anything once.  If he doesn't like it though, he just lets it sit in his mouth until EITHER 1.) he sneezes and it all shoots out  OR  2.) we brush his teeth [all two of them] before bed and get it all out.

The only issue we've had in the last few days is that people are confusing him for being a GIRL.  "oooh, SHE'S napping"  "how old is SHE?"


This is a boy, people.  A 10 month old baby BOY.

Other than complaints here!

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