When he's flying

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This past weekend marked one of many that Mr. Pribs had to go away for drill.  Typically he's gone for three days.

Usually any time I mention to someone that drill is coming up, I get a look of pity and concern.  I guess I get it.  No one likes having their best friend gone for days on end, but we don't need to treat this like it's the end of the world.   Especially when it means he gets to go do something he loves (fly a plane).

And even if it is hard for us to be apart, why focus on the negative?

Pre-baby, I used these times to work hard on my business:  make new product, organize my packaging and mailing supplies, do my bookkeeping, etc.  There was a lot of work to be done and I loved taking advantage of the ability to work without a deadline (when you don't have to make dinner for yourself, you just have a bowl of cereal, thus saving yourself a lot of time to be spent on your business!)

Post-baby, things are a little different.  I tend to have less time to work and more time spent taking care of baby.  And even if he doesn't sleep well at night, there's usually no one to relieve me the next day at 4pm.  So what do I do?  Go crazy.  Just kidding.     I keep busy during the day (run errands, see new places around town, introduce Silas to a new experience [swimming, park swings, feeding ducks, etc], go for long walks, and work on my business during naptimes.)  At night, once baby is asleep I either go upstairs and work, go outside and do some landscaping (when it's much cooler out) or I crash on the bed and binge-watch something on Netflix.   let's admit it, the last option is usually what i end up doing.

As selfish as it sounds, the times when Mr. Pribs is out of town are when I can be self-centered and order take-out for dinner 3 nights in a row and only do what *I* want to do (this past weekend I made a big batch of taco meat and ate that for three straight days...and loved it).    I like my alone and quiet time (especially now that there's a baby around that likes to talk talk talk and go go go during all of his waking hours) and don't necessarily want to spend all of my free time with friends.

Let's be honest.....hanging out with friends involves a lot of energy and I just don't have much of that nowadays.  I have to save it for when Baby Pribs wants to climb all over me tomorrow while I simultaneously attempt to fold all of our laundry.

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