11 months in

Monday, October 19, 2015

Well, my baby is almost a year old.  His first birthday invitations have been sent out and people are already RSVPing.  Is this real life?

I remember working in our church nursery when Silas was 8 months old and there was an 11 month old in there.  The 11 month old seemed so much older and advanced....he was eating pizza for heavens sake!  I couldn't imagine Silas being at that point.  And yet here we are.  

His biggest milestone is by far taking unassisted steps on his own. His highest count is 21 steps while we were in Virginia a couple of weekends ago.  The best part about this age is that there is less sleep during the day and less bottles.  Meaning we can go about our day and not feel too tied to a eat, poop, sleep schedule like the newborn days.  Thankfully these days Silas is pretty easy going even when he misses a nap. As long as you can distract him, he will be happy.  This worked for our benefit when he refused to take his afternoon naps while we were visiting family in Virginia. 

Silas loves to laugh, give hugs and climb all over people.  He is starting to chatter and baby babble to himself.  There are times we ask him questions and he'll answer in his own language....SOMETIMES it even sounds like we can interpret what he's saying. 

He can climb stairs...which has resulted in a couple of falls.  I was hoping the first fall would discourage him from climbing again, but it did not.  

Cooper and Silas have a silent agreement that once Silas is full at mealtime he'll feed Cooper the leftovers under the table.

Slides are all the rage right now. Be careful. If you introduce Silas to a slide, that's all he'll want anything to do with for the next hour.  Don't take him away from it prematurely or he'll kick his legs and threaten to start crying. 

I've recently started taking Silas to a story-time at a local library.  He loves it!  There are plenty of other boys and girls his age who also attend.  At our second visit, the reader already knew his name without a reminder from us.  That is either really good or really bad.  We show up a few minutes early so that Silas can play with the toys they have in the kids area of the library - he likes the blocks and trains.  

I'm hoping to enroll Silas in a Gymboree class this winter....something to get him out of the house on those bitter cold days.  I'm also on the search for a quality snowsuit that he can wear when it's not too cold out to play in the snow!  We WILL be building a Silas-sized snowman this year!

In summary, 11 months rocks!  We're excited to celebrate his First birthday that's coming up, but enjoying these last few weeks of being a true baby.

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