Entry-way Gallery Wall

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This wall took way too long to happen.  Let's be honest.  Our entryway needed some help from the get-go.  It wasn't very welcoming when we first moved in and started to renovate the house.  We did a lot of work on our front door by adding trim and new fixtures and changing the paint color.  We also changed the wall behind the door by adding pictures and wallpaper and hooks.  The only thing that was missing from the entry way was what visitors would first see when they walked in the house.  Oh, a blank wall.  Woohoo!

I knew from the first day of moving in that this wall would be a GALLERY wall.  There was no doubt in my mind.  Gallery walls are pretty simple.  I made my first one in college all by my lonesome self one Sunday afternoon after church in my apartment. 

It's a great way to use up random frames that are lying around the house.  The only problem for me was that we didn't have any random frames lying around.  For each one of our moves, I have been very intentional about keeping what we need and getting rid of what we don't need.  The last thing I want is for our basement to become a hodge podge of random odds and ends that we don't use now and may or may not use ever.

So what was my solution?   IKEA.

Ive walked through IKEAs frame and mirror section many a time and thought to myself "I really should get that gallery wall started', so one random Tuesday afternoon I did just that.  

Picking out the frames wasn't hard.  They had plenty of variety.  Honestly, the hard part, which I wasn't expecting, was the HANGING of the frames.  

It turns out that if your house isn't level, then hanging pictures is really hard.  And pretty much difficult to do by yourself.  Especially with a baby crawling around you. 

I decided to make kraft paper cutouts of each frame so we could tape them up and make sure that the layout was what we were going for.  Then we hung the pictures individually and had someone eyeball if they looked LEVEL with the house.    It's pretty hard to mess up a gallery wall.  The point of it is the random placement of frames on the wall.  I am very pleased with the result and only wish i did this sooner.  :)

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