Our Fireplace

Monday, October 26, 2015

 We have a fireplace!  This is a day I sometimes doubted would ever come.

It seems that when you live in an old house, renovations and updates take much longer than you expect.  You run into issues when unknown factors pop up.

I was pretty excited about the fact that our house had a fireplace in it.  I have always loved a good fire.  The first time I visited Rob in his hometown during college I soon discovered that they had a working wood burning fireplace.  We used it my entire visit there.  It was heaven.

We were told by the previous owners that the gas fireplace in this house hadn't been used in years, so we weren't sure if it was safe or functioning properly.  So, the first thing I did shortly after moving into our house was have someone come out and look at our chimney.  They informed me that in order to use our fire place, we would need to have the chimney lined (it was not lined) and it would cost us $1500 to have it lined.  (cue the jaw drop)  They also told us that we should probably have a chimney cap put on in order to avoid water and critters getting into our fireplace.  And to get our gas line checked.

Ugh.  So many things to do.

Well, time got away from me.  Silas was born and although I really wanted a fireplace, it was put on the back burner.

Cue a visit to Rob's grandparents in their new house last winter.  This is where I was introduced to their vent-free fireplace.  I had no idea that these things existed.  You don't need a lined chimney because the fire doesn't need a chimney to function!  All you need is a gas line.

So, we went through the summer (where you don't need a warm fire) and then I decided it was time to look into getting a fireplace for our house.  I had our gas line checked by a plumber (it was fine...the pilot just didn't work).  And then I made a stop at a fireplace store and scheduled a time for the installers to come.  The installers were here for about 2 hours....that includes the time it took them to drill a hole through our stone fireplace in order to relocate the gas line from the front to the back (where it is much safer).

The fireplace really does a great job of warming our house (the first day they suggest running it all day to get rid of the new "smell", which is why the temp was so hot)

All fireplaces come with the option of having a temperature controlled remote control.  But those remotes cost $300.  When I scheduled the install, I asked the owner if I skipped the remote and later decided I wanted it, if it would be possible to get one.  He asked me why I wanted to skip the remote and I told him I didn't want to spend the money.  So he gave it to me for free.  I also asked him if they had a military discount and he said no, but that he would give me one since I mentioned it.

So thanks to honesty and the military, I was able to knock about $500 off of the price.  Not too bad.

Silas loves to look at the fire.  He hasn't tried to touch it yet.  Any time he looks like he wants to get closer, I just say "Don't touch" and he looks at me with a big smile on his face and then moves on to something else.

If he decides to try to touch the fireplace, there is a screen between him and the fire, so he won't go up in flames.

Of all our upgrades within the last few months, this is definitely my favorite and I can't wait to use it more regularly when the temperatures really drop outside.

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