Friday, November 20, 2015

Just some photos from this week.   

Silas related: he got his first major boo-boo this week while playing outside.  he decided to face plant on the sidewalk and it resulted in some major burn on his forehead.  he seems to be doing just fine.  we're just happy it happened after his 12 month appointment at the pediatrician's.

work related: things are slow right now.  for the best.  Thanksgiving is next week and it's never fun trying to get a bunch of print orders in the mail with the funky Post Office hours and lack of patience on everyone's part.

life related: we are one of the lucky ones who bought tickets to see the newest Star Wars movie on December 17th.  in preparation we have committed to watch all of the Star Wars movies in chronological order.  So far we are 2.5 movies into it.  Why do Star Wars movies have to be so freakishly long??

weekend related:  we have no plans for the weekend.  no plans  also, everyone is in town.  what does this mean?  i have no idea.  we'll find out!

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