Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Here we are again.  New Year's Eve.

A time to reminisce on 2015.  What did we do right?  What would we like to have played out differently?

A time to make hopeful goals and tell ourselves that we'll still be following through on those goals come July when the promise of change and new life feels so stale in the heat of summer.

I don't remember last New Year's Eve.   I was in the thick of newborn stage and the thought of staying up until Midnight just to watch a big bright ball drop make me slightly nauseous.

This year I won't be staying up until Midnight either.  I'm sitting comfortably in my PJs with the fire going in front of me.  My mind will be fast asleep come 11pm.  

Right now, however, I can't help but be cliche' and ask myself the question of "What will my 2016 be like?"  Off the top of my head the answers are:  lots of change, learning to adapt and learning to trust.  Things will be out of my control in 2016.  (Spoiler alert: things are always out of my control)
2015 was a special kind of crazy.  It involved learning the dynamics of different relationships.  Learning to stand up for myself and take shelter when needed.  Throwing my selfish inclination aside.  And then there were just the normal day to day activities. 
Probably the biggest thing I learned this past year is that it's not about me and my little life.  There's a bigger picture and although my little world is involved, it's not the lead part. 
May I take that lesson with me into 2016 and let it be at the forefront of all my motivations.

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