Too Cold

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lately the temps have been...unbearable.  It's been getting so cold and windy that it takes your breath away.  So the fireplace has been going all day long.  Not sure how I survived winter without that thing.  I think Silas and I just stayed in the guest room all day with a space heater last year.

Our once daily afternoon walks have turned into trips to the local mall and playing at the play place there for about an hour or so until Silas gets tired.  Then we either do a couple of laps around the mall (with Silas in the stroller) or go straight home and Silas takes a nap.

I made Silas his first pair of flannel pants.  Just in time for these snowy winter days.  They fit him great and I'm excited to make the rest of his ENTIRE wardrobe from now until he turns 18.

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