Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I've transitioned from knitting on a loom to actually using knitting needles and then learning how to crochet.  I'm not sure which method I prefer yet.  Crochet looks better, in my opinion, but knitting is easier when it comes to making straight stitches and edges.

Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to finding new and easy patterns to try out.  Ravelry is a website that I'm thinking I'll have to sign up for - if I understand correctly, it's a social network for crocheters, knitters and weavers.  

The other day I was checking out at Michael's Craft Store and the cashier said "You've finished your other projects already??"   That's code for "You're back to buy yarn again so soon?"

I then resolved to change what time of day I go back for more yarn.

I've slowly realized that I just like to make things.  No medium in particular.  This is just my current kick.  

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