Back at it again

Friday, June 03, 2016

How is it Friday already?  Memorial Day weekend really threw me off in terms whole life.  Baby Pribs seems to be thrown off too.  Or wait, no, he's always gotten up at 5am....nevermind.

As pictured above, everyday the toddler survives on milk and I survive on a large diet coke.  And no one knows what time it is.  (but that's ok, because no one wants to know that it's 5am when the toddler is ready to wake up for the day)

Also, some exciting news....I broke 10k sales last night!!!!

Now that I step back and looked at that number, I want to know how I've stayed sane over the last 4 years (i haven't).

As far as the weekend goes, we have nothing planned. (double checks the calendar) Nothing.

This is the first weekend in a month that we have nothing planned.  We might get bored.

Also, how is it JUNE already?

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