Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We decided to visit Kennywood this past weekend as a way to celebrate Father's Day.  This was my first time going, as well as Silas'.  

We arrived as soon as the park opened - and even scored free tickets for Rob and myself right before heading to the purchasing booth.  Like many places, Silas was free since he is under 2 years old.  So entry to the park and its rides was free.  This took pressure off of Silas to have fun  ;)

As soon as we entered the park, we headed to Kiddieland where all of the toddler rides were.  I think we scared Silas away from most of the rides because the first one we put him on was the "Bounce Ride".  You know - the one that lifts you up several feet and then drops you.  This one dropped you gently, but Silas was crying before they hit the ground on that first drop.

In the end, Silas rode 5 kiddie rides and did great, with the exception of the first one.  He isn't a thrill seeker right now, but we'll get there.

In between the kiddie rides, Rob and I took turns riding the scarier rides by ourselves.  My favorite was the Black Widow - one of those rides where when you're at the highest of heights, you're wondering why you ever chose to get on it in the first place.

Silas did great with all of the walking - we did have his stroller, but he wanted to walk/run a lot of the time we were there.  We took one snack break (we packed food for Silas) and were at the park for about 6 hours.  Silas skipped his nap because we were there for so long.  Originally we only planned to be there for 3 hours at the most, but Silas was doing so well, we stayed until we were tired!

Can't wait until we can go again!

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