Thursday, June 30, 2016

I managed to catch up on several weeks worth of pictures in my Project Life album within the span of two nights after Silas went to bed.  That's my favorite thing about Project Life - assuming you're organized, you can catch up on your scrapbooking regardless of how far behind you feel you may be.

Most of these pictures were taken at the turning of the seasons, meaning warmer weather & more time spent outside for Silas.  It also includes exciting things like house updates, business highlights and fun nights hanging out with friends.

We had some pretty killer sunrises this past Spring.  I need to catch the sunrise more often - we have a great view of it from the Master bedroom of our house.

My natural tendency is to scrapbook all of the pictures of Silas because he's always changing and always smiling and always learning and always cute.  This isn't Silas' album though....this is our family album.

I realize a picture of an avocado, blueberry bush, or cinnamon roll mean nothing to anyone outside of our family, but to us it's a reminder of different things that happened during this season of our life.  The little details.

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