Thursday, June 16, 2016

Books are a huge hit at the Prib Crib right now.  When Silas was first born, we had a handful of books that I would read to him on the floor for a few minutes every day.  As soon as he became mobile though, books were not a priority for Silas.

Just in the last couple of months, his interest has peaked enough to where he'll grab and book and sit on your lap to read it.  If you don't start reading the book fast enough, he'll raise it up until it's millimeters away from your face.

These are his current favorites.

I'll Teach My Dog A Lot of Words has been a favorite of Silas' for a while now.  In fact, it was the only book we read for several weeks.  There was one time I remember he had me read it to him five times in a row.  That's when I knew, for my own sanity, that I needed to go out and buy some more books to read to him.

Barnyard Dance! is a super quick read.  It's so quick that sometimes Silas likes to stare at the page for a good while longer after I've read all of the lines.  And then he snaps back into reality and quickly reaches to turn the page.

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You is a fairly new book in our collection.  I found it at the thrift store, and although it's a Dr. Seuss book, I had never heard of it before.  It's about a series of sounds the character, Mr. Brown, can make.  I can quote some of the pages just from memory - that should tell you how often we've read it.

Share Share Share is a book that came in a small lot I bought from the thrift store.  I am unfamiliar with the characters and show it originates from and assumed that Silas would have no interest.  However, I was completely wrong as this is a book that he always grabs when we sit down to read.  There are a lot of colors and the story line is pretty simple - share your favorite things with your friends!

Darth Vader and Son was not a book I originally bought for Silas.  Instead, I got it for Rob for Father's Day last year.  Somehow it ended up in Silas' reading nook in our attic and one morning Silas found it and brought it downstairs to his room. There's no story line - just a bunch of pictures with random quotes that only the truest of true Star Wars fans will think are funny.  Silas likes to page through and look at all of the pictures.  I kid you not, he looks through this book every morning while I'm getting ready for the day.

I'm sure the round of favorite books will be different next week, but for now these are the ones that Silas keeps reaching for and bringing to me for our story times.

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