Wednesday, July 06, 2016

I got a new pair of shoes last week.  Hopefully you can tell from the picture which are the old ones and which are the new ones. My old pair lasted me for 3.5 years.

They got me through:
6 weeks of bootcamp at Fort Rucker
~5k miles of walks with Cooper
One 5k race
moving from Alabama to California to Pennsylvania
doing yardwork
renovating the house (see that huge white splotch of paint?)
~700 miles of walks with Silas
and more

They did a great job, but recently while walking on the Panhandle trail, I realized it was time to get shoes because it felt like I was walking on the trail without any shoes on.  My soles in the heel were done for.

So we bought a new pair.  Hope they know what they're in for.

They have some pretty big shoes to fill.

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