Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Our blueberries are coming in.  This is the third year that we will get to have home-grown blueberries to eat.  It doesn't get old.

I predicted they would start coming in around the 4th of July, based on pictures from last year.  It looks like they came a little earlier this year.  Last year's crop wasn't very good - I'm not sure why...I can't remember if we had much rain or not.

This past few weeks has given us plenty of rain, so maybe that's why the blueberries are early.

I showed Silas how to pick the correct berries - go after the blue ones, son!  He was quick to learn and all for picking and eating all of the ones he could reach.

Luckily we have plenty of blueberries that are too high for him to reach, so we'll be able to let them ripen fully and pick them off in a week or so.

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