Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I realized at Silas' last pediatrician appointment that I hadn't been paying close attention to what words he knew.

At 18 months, the pediatrician wanted to know anything and everything about Silas' development.  Communication was a big point - both verbal and non-verbal.  I couldn't, for the life of me, decide on how many words he knew.  Surely he knew more than 3 words, but did he know more than 5?  The survey they gave me to fill out offered numerical ranges and those ranges threw me off.  Did he know 5-8 words?  9-10 words?

We now keep a running list on our fridge of his words.  His favorite word (and his first word) will forever and always be "Doggy" (although he says it more like "day-dah")

If there's a dog barking outside, "day-dah!"

If Cooper's barking, "day-dah.  no!"

If he sees a picture of a cow, "day-dah!"

We're always trying to teach him the difference between dogs and other animals.   It's a work in progress.

By far, Silas' comprehension outweighs his ability to verbally communicate with us, but this list reminds me of his progress everyday.

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