Thursday, July 14, 2016

Aside from blog posts and peer mentoring, physical books are one of my favorite ways to learn how to better run my business.

I lack the motivation and time to read too many books now-days, so I have to very selective with what I choose to read.  These are two of my favorites that I've read within the last couple of years:
Rework & How to start a Home-Based Etsy Business.  Both books can be found at Barnes & Noble (that's where I got mine!)

The first book, Rework, gets straight to the point in every chapter.  It walks what it talks.  This book is all about taking out the unnecessary fluff and bells and whistles of being self-employed and focuses on what matters.   Rather than worrying about your competition and making super long to-do lists, this book just wants you to start and keep going.

In a way, this book gives you permission to stop stressing out about trying to keep up in the race of life and instead carve your own path and make your own rules when running your business.  It's a breath of fresh air and packed with inspiration.

The next book, How to start a Home-Based Etsy Business is geared more towards individuals who want to start from the beginning with opening their own Etsy store.  When I read this book, I was almost three years into running my own Etsy shop, but there weren't any books around like this one when I started selling.  I mostly picked this book up because I was curious as to whether or not there was anything in it that I was unaware of.

There are a lot of great reminders throughout the books - every single detail is laid out.  Reading this book was a great way to ensure that I tied up any loose ends with my Policies page or About page or my branding.

One of the most helpful tools in this book was the Social Media spreadsheet that offered tips and ideas for what to post on your business Facebook page.  I just started my business Facebook page this year and haven't been that great at keeping it active - mostly because I run out of ideas for what I should post and what would be interesting for those who see my page.

Would I read this books again from cover to cover?  Yes - if I had the time.  Usually after I read a book I like to pass it on to someone else who could use it.  These have a spot on my shelf in the office as reference books - that's how good they are.

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