Friday, July 15, 2016

It was such a hot week - it felt like we were constantly running every single one of our AC units, even if we were in the room.  I try my best to keep curtains closed and doors shut, but this week that wasn't enough to fight the heat.  

We replaced the light fixture above our bathroom mirror.  This was a project that was actually started a few weeks ago, but we ran into an unexpected issue.  The electrical hookup area wasn't centered.  In fact, it was very off-centered.  So we (any time I say "we", I mean Rob) had to mull things over and figure out a plan that wouldn't cost us a fortune and still accomplish what we originally set out to do.  The picture above was taken after I painted over the part of the wall we removed (and then patched back into place) - it gives a good sense of where everything was connected before.

Today I learned that we have eggs in one of our Boston ferns.  That explains the territorial robins I've been seeing lately.  Actually, yesterday I learned Silas is deathly afraid of male robins when one showed up on our front yard and wouldn't stop staring him down.  Silas literally ran after me and grabbed my leg in terror.  

I took Silas to a spray park this afternoon in an effort to keep cool while playing outside.  Turns out he only likes to play in controlled areas of water - nothing that involves water splashing in his face or being dumped on his head.  Thankfully there was a dry park right next door, so we spent a little over an hour there instead.

Signing off for the weekend.  Have a great one!

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