Our first week of (Pre) Preschool

Monday, August 01, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start a loose PRE preschool curriculum with Silas.  Before this decision, I'd been trying to stay creative in the ways Silas finds entertainment.  I started researching Montessori themed activities and while a lot of them were great and I used several of the ideas, it felt like we were just aimlessly staying busy, with no real goal or lesson in mind.  One evening I was perusing Instagram and looking up activity ideas through different hashtags.  Instagram and Pinterest are my go-to channels for when I'm dry on new ideas for things to do.  It was through Instagram that I was introduced to the world of "tot school".  Apparently many young moms create a loosely structured curriculum for their preschool aged children and follow it on their own timeline.  That's exactly the type of thing I wanted to do with Silas.

Unfortunately many of the curricula that these moms are making and sharing are geared towards age 3.  Tracing, coloring in the lines, etc.  Things that Silas can work on, but would find frustrating if the entire activity centered on a certain skill that he is no-where near mastering right now.  So I made it up in my mind to create my own curriculum for Silas with a theme based on one of his favorite books right now: Roadwork by Sally Sutton.

On average we did two 10-15 minute activities per day with a construction theme.  We did all sorts of things: reading, painting, water play, scooping and transferring, sensory, play dough, hammering, stickers, field trips.  Many of the activities focused on fine motor skills.

By the end of our week of learning about Construction, Silas was catching on and would go grab his construction book and bring it over to where our activity would take place.


I'm getting most of my supplies at the Dollar store and they're slowly taking over our kitchen cabinet.  I'm thanking my past self for getting a library card when I first moved to Pittsburgh and never throwing it out any time I cleaned out my wallet.  This is the first time I've used it in two years, but I foresee using it more because I plan on making our curriculum literary based.

I've been posting updates on Instagram and unexpectedly my local friends have made random comments on what I'm doing and several have asked what the next theme will be.  Although I knew I was sharing my experience, for some reason I thought it would go unnoticed.

How long will I do this?  I'm not sure.  My initial commitment was for the remainder of Summer.  However, my mind is constantly thinking of new themes and lessons that I want to teach Silas.  Everything is new for him right now and for as long as I can think of activities, I'm not sure why I would stop doing (PRE) preschool.

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