Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Silas loves to play in water - it's one of his favorite things to do.  If we go outside and aren't immediately going on a walk or leaving in the car, then I usually make sure that Silas has his swim trunks on, because otherwise he has no problem getting soaked in his regular clothes.


With this in mind, I thought a sprinkler would be the ideal summer toy/activity for him!  Much to my surprise, sprinklers are not that expensive.  I found one at Home Depot for less than $7.00.  

Unfortunately, Silas wasn't that big of a fan of the sprinkler.  What I'm learning is that while he enjoys being wet, he does not like being splashed or sprayed in the face.  He can be ferociously splashing the water around and as soon as a a drop touches his face, everything stops so he can wipe the water away.

We resorted to connecting the hose to our garden sprayer for him to hold and control.  So, our grass still got watered. :)

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