A New Season

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Summer's (almost) over and that means Fall is nearly here.  I went to the Dollar Tree yesterday to find something for a Baby Shower and ended up spending way too many dollars on fall decor.  Who knew the DOLLAR TREE would be such a huge home decor hit?

With Fall comes the falling of leaves - primarily the huge tree in our front yard is giving our lawn a good covering (as well as our neighbor's lawn - they love it).

And along with the changing seasons, comes a change in schedules and new things.  For me this means starting back up at the mom's group at church, as well as a new personal bible study (I just finished the book of John and am fresh into the book of Acts - both of which are John MacArthur studies).

On the horizon are trips and bits of work and learning and baking and catching up on scrapbooking and pulling out warmer clothes and friends and football and fires.

And maybe a s'more or two.

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