Friday, September 30, 2016

Late last week we all got sick.  It started with Silas and slowly worked its way through our family until I was hit.  Although the sniffles are still around, we're all doing much better now.

Having a sick toddler is one thing, but being sick with a sick toddler is completely different.  You're living hour by hour, just trying to survive until nap time and then again until bed time.  There are moments where you covet nothing more than to just lie in bed with no interruptions.

We're feeling better just in time to head out of town for family day at Rob's unit this weekend.  I remembered to charge my camera last night, so you can expect to see a few pictures from the weekend festivities on this blog.

Random: yesterday at the grocery store we were waiting in line to check out and the lady ahead of us thought Silas looked like her grandsons so she bought him a bag of M&Ms.  I let Silas snack on a few of the M&Ms and then we went home where it took Silas 30 extra minutes to settle down for a nap.

Also, we're stoked for Fall and doing all the Fall things we can.

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