(Pre) Pre-School: Bugs

Monday, September 19, 2016

We are nearing the end of our fifth (Pre) Pre-School unit!  Over the last two months we have studied Construction, the Farm, Transportation, the Body and are currently on BUGS!

The two books I have been using for our BUGS unit are both by Eric Carle:  The Very Busy Spider & The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We've done art projects that recreate the illustrations in the book, we've learned about different spiders, we've done sensory bins with miniature spider toys, and aside from the theme of bugs we've learned our colors and completed sticker, coloring, and cut and paste pages.

These are the two books I bought for coloring and sticker/paste:  My Book of Coloring & Let's Sticker & Paste

Those two work books are geared towards Silas' age group and have simple/short activities.  The coloring book in particular focuses on the child filling in a white circle to complete the picture.  It's perfect.
The sticker book has been great for fine motor skills and learning how to complete a picture.

I had someone ask me on my Instagram account what I think Silas gets from our activities.  To be honest, I didn't start this "program" in order to teach him profound things.  The idea to do this came to me when I saw other people sharing their little activities they were doing with their toddlers.  However, that being said, through our activities he is learning colors, fine/gross motor skills, memory/matching skills and other things that most kids learn in pre-school.  He is also learning things specific to the unit we are on.

The type of reactions I receive from people about (Pre) Pre-School vary.  Some are supportive and enthusiastic, some are curious & want to hear more, others are exhausted just from my explanation of it all, and then a few want to know if this means I want to home school.   (i have no idea)

All I know is that if you're going to be with your kid all day, why not make the activities worth it?

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