Friday, October 07, 2016

Silas has been all about exclaiming "hot!" this week.  Over the weekend he got some hot macaroni and cheese in his mouth and since then he's been very cautious.  Any time I put something in the oven..."hot!" any time I pull something out of the microwave "hot!"   He's scarred for life.

I got a gym membership this week as well.  Bonus: they have childcare and it's not outrageously priced.

Our driveway is in place and now we just have to wait a few days for it to cure.

I went through and organized a bunch of scarves and cowls I made last winter.  It's that time of year again when the mornings are chilly enough to where you have to bundle up and then by lunchtime you're stripping off all of the layers because you're sweating to death.

Happy Weekend!

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