Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's officially fall which means it's officially appropriate to start bringing out the yarn and knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Silas and I hit up Michael's craft store to pick up a couple skeins of yarn.  Unlike last year where I was trying to learn different stitches, the difference between a scarf and a cowl, and also figure out what worked for nap time projects, this year I am focused on making one scarf.

It's going to be simple and straight forward.  No fancy stitches.  No made up patterns.  Just a simple crocheted scarf.  I learned quickly last year, despite my hesitation at first, that when given the choice between knitting or crocheting, I much prefer crocheting.  The fact that knitting involves two needles makes everything so complicated,especially you stop in the middle of the project.  Not only is storing the half finished project hard (tangled mess) but then remembering where you were in the process when you pick it back up again is nearly impossible - especially if you stopped in the middle of a row (which you're not supposed to do,but moms of toddlers sometimes have to).

I went with a skein of my favorite chunky yarn.  If given the choice of color, I would have gone with yellow (maybe I do have a favorite color?), but they don't carry yellow in this brand/weight of yarn, so I went with an earthy color instead.

This is my progress so far during an almost 2 hour nap-time session.  Not bad for someone who hasn't crocheted in 7-ish months.

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