Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Art and crafts is an important part of playing that I've been slowly introducing to Silas now that he's older and has better fine motor skills.  Thankfully we have a high-chair where he can do all of his art projects, which keeps him in one place and as a result keeps all of the messy tools contained as well.

All of Silas' art supplies are either kept in the kitchen or in my office, depending on the type of planning I've been doing for (Pre) Pre-School.  Any art supplies that I plan to use for (Pre) Pre-School, I like to keep grouped together with any other papers/supplies we'll need.  Crayons, markers, stickers, paints.  We use them all - sometimes together, but usually separately.

Silas was gifted crayons for his first birthday - they came 4 in a pack and were triangle shaped, for easier grip.  We've since upgraded to a full 24 set of crayons made by Target.  Silas is happy to color on a clean white sheet of paper - but I've noticed that when he isn't given a specific task to color, he gets distracted by the crayon's paper and starts to peel it off.  
I recently bought him a coloring book that gives you a specific space to color in to "finish" the picture.  Silas picked up on this logic rather quickly!

Early on, I bought Silas a watercolor paint set.  His first time using it was when we made a "Father's Day" card for Rob.  The paintbrush the set comes with is rather small for a toddler, so many times I'll load clothespins with cotton balls and have Silas paint with those.  It works out great!

Growing up, I loved stickers.  I remember having a box in my closet where I kept all of my most treasured stickers.  If I remember correctly, I even owned a book where the stickers could be positioned and re-positioned.  Much to my surprise, Silas loves stickers too.  Our first experience with them was during our "Construction" unit where I printed off a landscape and gave Silas truck and road sign stickers to place on the page as he wished.  It kept us busy for a good 20-30 minutes - he was in love.

A new tool I re-discovered is a special marker called the "Do A Dot" marker.  I had these growing up and loved them.  Somehow over time I forgot about them, but was reminded of the marker when looking for coloring pages and saw that they now make coloring pages with empty circles where you're supposed to dot the marker.  Genius.  Did they have these special pages when I was a kid?  If so, I missed out greatly.  I found our markers on Amazon - they have a bit of shimmer when the ink dries, which is an added fun detail.

Lots of art and crafts equals lots of finished pieces of artwork.  For the most part I hang the artwork on the fridge for a couple of weeks and then save my favorites by laminating them and putting them in my project life scrapbook.  If I'm lucky, I remember to write the date and Silas' age when he made the artwork.

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