Friday, July 3, 2015

the "before baby" book

I'm NOT SURE HOW I forgot to post about this thing.  But I found it in my drafts folder today, soooo, better late than never.  Right?

Long story short, I was pretty excited about having a baby.  So excited that during those 9 months, I took (practically) every single Baby Pribs related picture and made a book with them all.  53 pages.

I know there are different options out there for making photo books (Blurb, Shutterfly, etc), but I wanted something more organic and handmade, therefore I pieced together each page myself in Photoshop Elements (each page is 6"x8") and had a local professional printer do the printing and cropping for me.  I know some people would go crazy if they had to manually make and save each page, rather than upload photos and order their book, but I could spend all day in photoshop (although in reality I spend like 1-2 hours a day, if I'm lucky), so this didn't feel like much for me at the time.

Before ordering the prints, I had already found a mini three ring binder at Target.  The binder measures about 7"x9" (ish).  This determined the size of the pages.

The only "mind-numbing" part of this project (if you would call it that) was the part where I made three hole punches on each page.  But then again, this was done shortly after receiving the prints, so I got to look through each page for the first time in real life, so it wasn't bad at all.

The finishing touch is to add handwritten notes on each page, as I see fit.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

(hashtag) TBT : November 15, 2014

This was an outtake from the pictures I took for Silas' announcement card.

I would call this his "old man" newborn phase.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shopping like a big boy

We're finally sitting in the cart like a big boy.  And mom's happy because she was breaking her back carrying the infant car seat from the car to the store and trying to lift it up into the cart.  Also, she was getting tired of people looking at Silas in the car seat and asking "How old is he?" and then saying "Big baby!"

Now instead the comments are "Wow, he's doing a good job of sitting up!"

 I'm guessing that within a few weeks he'll start grabbing things off of the shelves....

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pick up your shoes!

Only 7 months old and he's already kicking off his shoes and leaving them around the house.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Goodbye to the swing

The time has come for us to pack up the swing and say goodbye for now.  Prior to Silas' birth, I wasn't sure I wanted a swing.  So, instead of register for something I wasn't sure about, I registered for the things I knew I wanted/needed.  

However, within a month of Silas being here I knew that a swing was needed for nap time and just life in general.  I did my research and we visited Babies R Us a couple of times (Once by ourselves and once with Silas to put him in the model swings).  We ended up going with a Fisher Price swing and never looked back.

Our swing has given me a shower every morning & a guaranteed nap (for Silas) every day.

The weight limit on the swing is 25 lbs and initially I was afraid that Silas would outgrow it before he would lose interest in the swing (I mean, every time we went to the pediatrician he had gained like 5 lbs).

At 7.5 months and 18 lbs though, Silas is over it.  (cue the tears)

I put him in it the other night... just for kicks.  And this was him within a few minutes (and yes, he was strapped in).

So we're moving on to bigger and better things.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

(failed attempt at) The Water Steps in Pittsburgh - North Shore

Now that's it's summer, we're trying to get out and experience all of the hidden gems in Pittsburgh.  I'm in a couple of Pittsburgh mom facebook groups and everyone keeps talking about the Water Steps and how their kids LOVE them.  I googled a few pictures and thought they looked pretty harmless and age appropriate for Silas to experience.

These are the water steps:

Again...pretty simple of an activity to do with a 7 month old.  So, we went.

This was Silas the morning we went to visit the water steps.  Pretty happy.

And this was Silas not even 30 seconds after we arrived at the Water Steps.

Going into this we knew that Silas wasn't a fan of baths, but I had hoped that since he wasn't going to be lying in a huge body of water that maybe he would be a fan.  He wasn't.

Bummer.  We'll give it another try in 2 years.