we love walks!

We went for a 4 mile walk as a family on the Pan Handle Trail with another couple and their baby.

Four miles is a LONG way to go in November when it's windy and cold!  

Things were much better on the way back when the sun came out.  Silas even managed to take a snooze while he was taking a ride in the Ergo.

The entire Pan Handle trail is 29 miles (one way).  Next time we'll go five miles.  And then the next, six miles.  And some day, we will walk the entire 29 miles.  And then take a taxi back home.


This was Silas' face when I told him today was my birthday.  We love birthdays!

Today I turn 28.  That's....a big number.

I remember being in Junior High and learning that my teacher was 27 years old and thinking to myself  "That's really old.  That's so far away."  

Well.  I'm officially past 27 (or, actually I have a few hours left.  I don't turn 28 until 8:37pm tonight).  Once you're 28, there's no excuses.  You're an adult.  You should have life figured out by now.

So in celebration we'll be going out for dinner tonight and getting the BEST nachos ever and for dessert we'll be having s'mores!

I can't wait!

Take two with our walls

 I've decided to revisit the walls of our house.  Since our walls are made of plaster and our house is almost 100 years old, things have shifted and cracked in several areas of the house over the years.  I did as much as I could to fix the cosmetic issues when I first moved in, but I didn't know much about DIY and fixing cracks in walls.  Essentially I took spackle to every wall,  It's held up pretty well for the most part, but there are areas where either the cracks are starting to show again or I don't like how my spackle job looks.

We managed to hire a contractor to take care of the larger things (replacing the nursery ceiling and fixing the master ceiling and wall) and now we are left with the tedious small things that we can do on our own, we just have to make time for it.

This time around I'm using joint compound and tape to work over the cracks.  It is supposed to hold up much better.  The most important thing to remember is that it takes several layers of compound (which is applied over several days as you wait for each layer to dry), and lots of sanding and feathering out.  I'm no pro, but I'm hoping with this new information I can make our walls look a little cleaner.  

With the house being as old as it is, I know it will never look like it was built in the 90's (and that's okay) but if I can become a pro at doing at least one home improvement DIY trick, then I'll be happy.


Just some photos from this week.   

Silas related: he got his first major boo-boo this week while playing outside.  he decided to face plant on the sidewalk and it resulted in some major burn on his forehead.  he seems to be doing just fine.  we're just happy it happened after his 12 month appointment at the pediatrician's.

work related: things are slow right now.  for the best.  Thanksgiving is next week and it's never fun trying to get a bunch of print orders in the mail with the funky Post Office hours and lack of patience on everyone's part.

life related: we are one of the lucky ones who bought tickets to see the newest Star Wars movie on December 17th.  in preparation we have committed to watch all of the Star Wars movies in chronological order.  So far we are 2.5 movies into it.  Why do Star Wars movies have to be so freakishly long??

weekend related:  we have no plans for the weekend.  no plans  also, everyone is in town.  what does this mean?  i have no idea.  we'll find out!

(HASHTAG) TBT: March 23rd


Throwing it back to when Silas started to notice the other guy in the mirror and thought it was fun to smile and laugh at him!

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