Hi there.  I’m Joy.

I started this blog back in 2012 when my husband was in Army Flight school busy studying about approaches, cyclics and weight limitations.  (You don’t know what I’m talking about?  Neither do I, really).  
Initially this was exclusively a baking blog.  Back in college (specifically my senior year), as a way to relieve stress, I spent many Friday nights baking and watching episodes of Bones and Everybody Loves Raymond.  YES, sometimes I would turn down AWESOME opportunities to hang out with friends so that I could drown my sorrows in brownie batter - sometimes a girl just needs her alone time in the kitchen to make things and contemplate whether or not she'll be repeating her senior year of college.
The amount of baked goods in my kitchen at any one time was equivalent to the amount of stress that was currently in my life.  
Life is much less stressful now though.  Especially now that the hubs graduated from flight school and we’re (for the most part) done moving all over the country. 
I'm not here to impress anyone.  I just needed a place for my thoughts and pictures to live.  I enjoy making memories and reliving them.  And in the end, that’s the purpose of this blog - to be a way to reflect on and relive our memories, wether it’s through one picture, or a blog post filled with way too many run-on sentences (similar to this one).

Enjoy your visit!

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